Quick Specs

Maximum Bucket Capacity
2.1 m3
Maximum Engine Power
112 kW (150hp)
Maximum Operating Weight
12000 kg

The best fit for your earthmoving needs is here. Accomplish your multiple loading needs with a high reach Z-Bar linkage with 121kN of high breaking force. The 432ZX Plus Wheeled Loader is the toughest front-end loader which you can count on! In addition to this, low operating costs and ease of post purchase service make this product a hero.

It offers a top-class productivity along with a high lift loader arm and the ability to dump at the centre of a wagon to help spread the material evenly. Being robust and reliable, it provides superior comfort for the operator and maximum safety.

Engine quality: Cummins 6BTAA5.9C
Engine power: 150 HP
Engine peak torque: 650 nm @ 1500 RPM.

While the Z-Bar linkage is for high breakout force (121kN), its high lift loader arm enables it with the ability to dump at the centre of the wagon to help in spreading the material evenly.

Closer ratios for better acceleration, hill climbing and road performance provided with 4-speed transmission with torque convertor & limited slip differential

Gives easy access to engine bay & cooling pack.

Provides ground level access for daily check points.

Has in-built pressure testing ports.

Most importantly it provides a radial seal air cleaner.

Saves fuel worth Rs. 1 lac per year.

Hydraulic oil change period after 2000 hrs.

To give braking system almost a maintenance free life span, it is equipped with fully hydraulic dual circuit braking with multiple oil immersed disk.

Ensures superior structural strength & durability with its in-built quality-finite element analysis & rig testing.

Well known for its proven ZF heavy duty transmission & Graziano axles.

The rear counterweight and cast quarter pillars protect the cooling pack and the back end of the Loader from damage.

IP69 & IP67 dust & water-resistant electrical connectors.

Equipped with heavy duty articulation joint.

Provides better steering comfort with Q-amp steering.

3 piece laminated front glass for an outstanding all-round visibility.

Easy hydraulic operation with servo controlled hydraulics.

Finely ventilated spacious cabin with sliding windows.

Unloader valve feature & hydraulic-driven cooling fan for optimised and competent hydraulics.

Loader arm emergency lowering.

3-point contact cab access.

Higher safety with well-equipped separate circuit for front & rear hydraulic power brakes with accumulator backup.

Geo-fencing feature helps to keep your machine within the designated area of work.

GPS Tracking provides you the exact position of your machine through a map.

Its service reminder prompts you of the service of your machine; the reminder helps you plan your work better.

Machine data backup facility helps to maintain the records of previous services in an organised manner.

Machine utilisation report maintains the machine usage record, which empowers you to analyse & optimise utilisation of the machine.

JCB 432ZX Wheeled Loaders Colombo
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