Quick Specs

Maximum Bucket Capacity
1.1 cum
Maximum Engine Power
76 hp

This one has an amazing loader productivity with an increased shovel capacity of 1.1 cum, high tractive and breakout forces, excellent visibility, improved front reach, and lower turning radius.

This machine comes with a spacious cabin that has an instrument console on the operator’s side which results in long hours of tireless operation. And Its curved, powder-coated exteriors in black and yellow give it a supreme style.

Powered with 76 hp fuel-efficient JCB engine ecoMax with increased coolers’ size for better performance in hot and dusty environment.

Its extraordinary loader productivity is the outcome of an increased shovel capacity of 1.1 cum with high breakout forces. The lower turning radius and high tractive, excellent visibility, improved front reach and breakout forces makes it the ‘best-in-class’ loader.

Its enduring structural durability comes from D-section loader arm and chassis design.

The improved diesel tank capacity enables it for long hours of continuous duties.

Equipped with a pannier design, the diesel and hydraulic tanks significantly add to the operator’s convenience.

Makes the machine more reliable.

A spacious cabin with an ergonomic environment for the operator with an instrument console on the operator’s side.

Its smart look comes from powder coated, curved exteriors in black and yellow colour scheme.

JCB 3DXL Wheeled Loaders Colombo
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