Quick Specs

Maximum Bucket Capacity
3.1 m3
Maximum Engine Power
165 kW (221hp)
Maximum Operating Weight
17880 kg

Fulfil your vision with a powerful and well-made offering by JCB.

We bring you the best-in-class JCB 455ZX Wheeled Loader. To keep up with your long-term goals and commitment, your business deserves a partner who can provide top-class productivity and at the same time ensuring an unmatched reliability. The powerful and reliable 455ZX is equipped with a rugged structure and hi-tech features like Advanced Telematics LiveLink, so that you expect more!

Widely known for its extreme reliability, the 455ZX Wheeled Loader is designed and built to keep up with the requirements even at the most demanding sites, tirelessly. Its world-class components are a complete value for money without any compromise on quality. Moreover, it has well-fitted safety features, great visibility, non-slip surfaces, air filtration and so on, which make the machine a market leader in quality and efficiency.

A perfect example of JCB’s One Global Quality standard, the JCB 455ZX is a distinguished product which has been exported widely for its potential and finesse.

Innovative design with limited slip feature, making it adept for demanding conditions.

High breakout forces, faster cycle time.

The Z-Bar loader geometry, good roll-back angles.

An advanced clutch cut-off with Electronic Management System

Powerful twin variable displacement piston pumps to improve multi-function capabilities.

A fully automated CNC machining-based manufacturing process, to make sure a total accurate line boring is achieved.

Our painting process ensures that your investment is always protected.

To ensure the structural strength and durability of the machine, all structures are put through Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and rig testing at the design stage.

Backed by the most powerful JCB DIESELMAX 672 engine.

Even at low revs, its 6 cylinder, 7.2 litre engine attains high power (165kW) and peak torque (1000Nm), making it the most dependable loader in its class. Additionally, it also uses the latest ecoMax lean-burn combustion technology that gives greater efficiency and reduced emissions for better productivity.

The JCB 455ZX gives better protection of its machines through the LiveLink telematics system. The Geo-fencing and GPS tracking allow the customer to monitor the exact location of the machine assuring that it is working in a designated area.

Its service reminder feature allows the customers to plan the service schedule of the machine, which means continuity of production is carried out well.

Other crucial features of LiveLink include critical machine alerts, which alerts the operator about low engine oil pressure, water and fuel, coolant temperature and transmission oil temperature.

Also, its engine status function monitors the engine’s running times and sends alerts to the customer about when the machine is started and when it is switched off.

The JCB 455ZX is known for its top-class operator comfort serviceability.

Along with its large cabin interior, it is equipped with a stylish, trendy central dash display which combines analog dials, and a colored LCD screen displaying the machine’s health status, service requirements, and operating information.

For a wide array of customisable, warranty support packages catering to an individual customer, we have JCB Premier Line Solutions to meets their specific business requirements.

JCB’s 650+ dealer outlets have employed a team of fully trained service engineers offering an unmatched availability of machine parts and lubricants to put your beast back in action when needed.

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